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Real trading account

&Nbsp;           HKGKFK International Limited Every real account has its own characteristics and goals. Each account type is suitable for different types of investors and opens up different opportunities windows to the forex world. From experienced traders to novice traders, from small depositors to large depositors, we offer a range of real accounts to help you achieve your financial aspirations.

Simulated trading account

&Nbsp;           The best way to get started with trading is to practice in a simulated trading account and HKGKFK International Limited is better than just providing a demo account. In fact, almost all of the real accounts we offer are the same as demo accounts. If you want to test your trading skills, you can choose one of our demo account types and start trading.

Account Type                                                       {sys: cpname}   Common accounts          

Investment is risky. Your losses may exceed your investment. Request a live account
Account currency Dollar
Account funding requirements X
Leverage/margin requirements Leverage from 1:400 - 1:100
Maximum deposit amount X
Minimum deposit $5000
Commission X
Order execution Immediate transaction
Spread From 1.6
Margin 0.4%~1%
Forced liquidation 30%
Limit & Stop Levels 2 spreads
Price FX currency pair is 5 digits (JPY is 3 digits), spot metal is 3 digits
Trading tool Major currency pairs, secondary currency pairs, rare currency pairs, precious metals   difference CFDs
Contract Details Micro-hand (0.01)
Mini hand (0.1)
Standard hand (1)
Step hand 1

NewHKGKFK International Limited, a single transaction allows investors to follow your strategy and get paid for your performance

Please note:

Spreads can be expanded according to market conditions;

Instant execution of orders on the server is not allowed to scalpel transactions;

VIP accounts are only open to institutional clients who specialize in global financial investment product transactions;

Leverage/Margin requirements may vary depending on the laws and regulations of your country of residence. For Polish residents, the maximum leverage is 1:100;

Please note that all market execution accounts are not allowed to set stop loss/profit levels. If the customer wants to add a stop loss/profit level, the existing position can be modified after the order is opened.

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